Databases List

The main list of databases is organized by subject area and connects to the Subject Librarians list. Each subject specialist is expected to curate a small set of databases into “Core” and “Supplementary” sets for each subject area that they handle. Questions? Email dmg@princeton.edu 

LibGuides and Librarian-created web resources

Best practices for creating and editing guides
Springshare Suite Resources
Summer 2022 LibGuides Working Session Recordings
Reusing Checklist Boxes in LibGuides Session: Recording and Slides

Librarian-created Events and Workshops

Event Planning on Connecting includes guidelines and process expectations.

Before you schedule a new workshop, please consult the two calendars below as well as the University's Academic Calendar.

What is my role as an event organizer? What am I responsible for? 
An event organizer is responsible for leading plans and executing the event/workshop. Depending on the details of your event, the organizer will function as the point person for event planning and logistics, including establishing budget and funding source, booking a venue; ordering food/beverages; making arrangements with Library or University Facilities; working with OLC for publicity, materials, and giveaways; arranging for cleaning services, establishing budget and funding source, setting up events and registration in LibCal, coordinating speakers (travel, honorarium, other accommodations) and other logistics as identified.

  • The event organizer should either be the lead contact on the day, or find appropriate staff as a delegate.
  • Upon completion of the event, event organizers should add in the final number of attendees in the LibCal event and enter the data in LibInsight.
  • If you are planning a Zoom webinar, contact OLC at pulcomm@princeton.edu for hosting.

Research Consultations

Best Practices for conducting research consultations include:

LibCal Appointments: Directions for library staff on how to set up LibCal Appointments. This is a tool to replace WASE (now discontinued) to schedule research consultation appointments. 

Public-facing Appointments page

Data Collection Guidelines

Facilities and Spaces

LEAP (Liaison Enhancement and Activation Program)

The LEAP materials are behind CAS login here.

Current liaison list - shows who is taking care of each community right now

Travel Processes

Ideally, the staff person would have a conversation with their supervisor about travel plans, relevance of the proposed opportunities and related costs prior to submission of a proposal via the approval system.

Communication Tools and Expectations

PUL Staff Intranet - the best place to keep up with your colleagues!

List of lists - a directory of internal email lists

Slack Use Guidelines
Configure Slack to Email notifications