Distributed via PULUpdates: Mar. 8, 2023

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): One-on-one DEI listening sessions with PUL leadership and managers are currently underway, and plans are moving ahead for large-scale group DEI listening sessions with staff across all PUL locations. Anticipated outcomes include a summary of themes based on the listening sessions feedback from Library staff, which will inform future decisions around DEI at PUL.
  • Library website: The Library has contracted with OIT to migrate the PUL website design to the latest version of Drupal. A kickoff meeting is planned for late March. In the meantime, web working groups will be sending staff updates with preliminary timelines for content updating.
  • Content and discovery: The Library is focused on diversifying collections and acquiring materials from historically underrepresented groups. We aim to balance the acquisition of content with the description of that content and are fostering various initiatives that surface our hidden collections in the catalog and finding aids. Additionally, we strive to reach new audiences, locally and globally, by highlighting diverse subjects through digitization projects and future exhibitions.
  • Coordinating data and teaching programming and services: Initial conversations and planning are underway to identify opportunities for enhancing collaboration and coordination across the Library and with campus partners in creating and delivering research data services as well as co-curricular events and workshops. 
  • Space review and planning: Planning for updates to 693 Alexander Road and Firestone Library following the return of Marquand Art Library to its co-location with the Art Museum, along with several smaller projects, will start this year.
  • Library’s role in support of mental health of students: The Library will continue and build on prior work in collaboration with campus partners to support the mental well-being of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Data and metrics development: Several aspects of Project Nemo will involve analysis of metrics to improve workflows. Additionally, as new research staff join the Assessment and User Experience department, projects that develop new measures to help make data-driven decisions about our priorities going forward will begin.
  • Regular reviews of staffing priorities: LSC will work with LAT to continue reviewing how PUL can make the best possible use of vacant positions to support both new strategic initiatives and ensure adequate staff to support the Library’s core services.
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