If you are new to Confluence, use this page to get started with the basics of logging in, navigating the platform, and creating content. 


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What is Confluence? 

Confluence is an intranet and a wiki. It's an excellent choice for sharing documentation, policies and documents that are unlikely to change frequently. It's a good place for content that you'd like to share with colleagues outside PUL, such as our Digitization Best Practices which is designed for sharing with vendors. Confluence pages are easier to maintain than Drupal pages (and are clearly separated from our public-facing pages). Confluence pages are typically more structured and easier to find and keep track of than Google Docs. To learn more, read through our Confluence at PUL page and watch the short introductory clip below from the fall 2022 Getting Started with Confluence training session.

Logging in to Confluence

Navigation Basics

  • Space Directory: Lists all Spaces in our PUL Confluence platform
  • Space: A project category in Confluence (e.g. Alma, Collection Development, Springshare Suite, Special Collections)
  • Page: A place for Space content (a Space has a homepage and can have multiple content pages)
  • Profile and settings: Click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner to edit your settings (e.g. contact information, notification preferences)

Managing Space Permissions

  • By default, Spaces and Pages in Confluence are set with "No restrictions" and so are publicly accessible unless you further restrict them. Restriction levels include:
    • No restrictions = Everyone can view and edit
    • Editing restricted = Everyone can view, only some can edit
    • Viewing and editing restricted = Only some can view or edit
  • Groups of specific, defined users can have access to Spaces and Pages; groups can be set by Confluence Admins.
  • Admins can set Space-level permissions
  • Creators/editors can set Page-level permissions
  • You can set your own Personal Space permissions

Creating a Page

Adding Images and Files to Your Page

  • Add an image to create visual appeal

  • Add documents for quick access

Using Space Tools 

  • Use Content Tools to create templates

  • Reorder pages

  • Configure sidebar: Add a Page Tree and Space Shortcuts

PUL Best Practices

Continued Learning Opportunities 

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